Disclaimer of liability

Gute Marken Online GmbH is responsible as content provider according to § 7 Telemediengesetz for the "own content", which it makes available for use. Although all contents are carefully checked and constantly updated, a guarantee for the completeness, correctness and last actuality can not be given. Gute Marken Online GmbH is therefore not liable for damages which are connected with the use of these contents.

Cross-references ("links") to the content provided by other providers have to be distinguished from these own contents. Through the cross-reference, Gute Marken Online GmbH maintains "third-party content", which is marked in this way: external link. Through the cross-reference, Gute Marken Online GmbH provides access to the use of these contents (§ 8 Telemediengesetz).

Gute Marken Online GmbH is not responsible for these "foreign" contents, as Gute Marken Online GmbH does not request the transmission of the information, does not select the addressees of the transmitted information and has not selected or altered the transmitted information.
Also an automatic temporary storage of this "foreign information" is not made by Gute Marken Online GmbH due to the chosen method of calling and linking, so that also no responsibility of Gute Marken Online GmbH results for these foreign content.

In the case of "links", however, it’s always references to "living" (dynamic) websites of third parties. Gute Marken Online GmbH has checked the contents of the third party to determine whether a possible civil or criminal liability is triggered. However, Gute Marken Online GmbH is not obligated to constantly check the content referred to by the Gute Marken Online GmbH website for any changes that could give rise to a new responsibility.

Only when Gute Marken Online GmbH ascertains or is pointed out by others that a concrete offer to which a link has been provided triggers civil or criminal liability, Gute Marken Online GmbH will cancel the reference to this offer as far as this is technically possible and reasonable. The technical possibility and reasonableness is not influenced by access to the illegal or punishable offer from other servers even after the access of the website from Gute Marken Online GmbH.